Resources for Clients

Path For Life Self-Nourishment Center is a network of healers and health practitioners teaching wellness of mind, body and spirit. Office located in downtown Manhattan -

Resources for Clients

Tom Monte, healer, teacher and author in the field of nutrition and emotional healing -

Kushi Institute:
Renowned center for macrobiotics and healing through food -

Nutrition Information and Analysis for Specific Foods:
Nutrition Data -

A wealth of nutritional information and holistic healthcare advice from Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. -

Inexpensive organic food delivered to your door for free:
Organic Direct -

Heathy recipes and information about whole, nutritious foods:
The World's Healthiest Foods -

Brooklyn Body:
Customized personal training and fitness instruction with Vashram "V" Shishmanian in Downtown Brooklyn. V is creative, thorough, and dedicated with his clients, and works with them to develop a personalized program that is innovative, manageable, and directly aimed at seeing the results they desire. He employs an enthusiastic, realistic approach that will have you on your way to a fitter, healthier you. -